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Northeast Texas Veterinary Dental Center

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Equine dentistry

Horse in chute for dental treatmentNortheast Texas Veterinary Dental Center offers comprehensive performance dentistry for horses in northeast Texas.

Improve your horse's health, prolong life, and enhance performance (whether your horse is a leisure companion or working partner) with preventive/restorative dental treatment performed by Larry Kimberlin, D.V.M., a licensed Texas veterinarian and IAED* certified equine dentist.

Learn the reasons regular dental care is so important to your horse, take a tour of the horse's mouth, and view the procedures used to correct dental problems and maintain a balanced mouth, along with tips for keeping your equine companion in top physical condition.

*International Association of Equine Dentistry

Crossroads Equine Dentistry services:

  • Dental procedures:(see Types of Dental Problems for explanation of terms)
    • general exam
    • basic dental equilibration (includes initial tranquilization, floating, bit seats)
    • additional tranquilization (if needed)
    • wolf teeth, blind wolf teeth extraction
    • cap extraction
    • correction of protuberant teeth (hooks, ramps, steps, waves)
    • incisor reduction/bite realignment
    • tooth extraction
    • restorative/orthodontic dentistry

  • Dental care is important throughout your horse's life."House calls"
    • horses may be treated at Crossroads Clinic or at owner's location

  • Service area
    • northeast Texas
    • Dr. Kimberlin will travel to other areas for treatment of 12 or more horses at one location


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